Get Your Grin to Shine Again

In a country filled with coffee drinkers, it is not surprise that one of the most common cosmetic dental procedures is teeth whitening. Mopes states that even over the counter teeth whiteners cost Americans over $1 billion annually. However, financial cost is not the only concern. Some report side effects from chemical and laser treatments like increased sensitivity to especially cold or hot foods and beverages, and others reported sensitivity in the gums. Because of this, there are several options for natural teeth whiteners that do not result in painful side effects or costly procedures. The following are some examples to try at home.

1. Keep a Clean Routine: The obvious first answer is to visit a Baltimore physical therapy, then brush and floss every day, at least twice a day. It is preferable to brush after every meal, especially if consuming staining foods like coffee and tea. Regular brushing can prevent plague build up, one of the causes of yellowing teeth and sometime bad breath. Flossing is a too often bypassed necessity; keeping healthy gums can prevent not only stains and gum disease, but prevent heart disease as well.

2. Berry Brushing: Berries are good for your health in general, but have an added benefit for teeth, too. Vitamin C and malic acid found in most berries can help break down plague buildup, as well as remove surface stains. Eating the berries, specifically strawberries, might not be enough, however. Actually smashing the berries up and applying to the teeth is more effective. Allow to sit on teeth for 5 minutes and then rinse well.

3. Homemade Paste: Just like berries, a similar paste applied to the teeth can help remove stains and plaque. Instead of strawberries, make a toothpaste of baking soda, lemon juice, and a little kosher salt for an abrasive. Do the same thing as the berry paste and allow to sit for five minutes, then rinse well. This should be used cautiously as the abrasive can damage the enamel if used too often.

4. Eat Right: Eating certain vegetables and fruits can also help maintain whiter, healthier teeth. Anything raw and crispy, essentially, will be abrasive enough to help build a whiter grin. Try raw carrots and celery, apples and pears. Though these are abrasive, they are generally safe and won’t harm teeth. Plus, it is an excellent addition to the any healthy diet.

Why Flossing will Save You Money

Healthy Gums Means Fatter Wallets\r\n\r\nIs it shocking that the American Dental Association claims that only 50% of American floss regularly? Possibly not, especially if you are one of the non-flossing culprits. Again, mom and grandma were probably right about nightly flossing, despite how much you hate it. However, take a new approach to the world’s least favorite regular dental practice: consider it a financial investment. Dental offices Winnipeg explains why:

Get Ride of Green to Save Some Green: Keeping bacteria from setting up camp in between teeth and in gums is an important step in preventing tartar build up. Tartar is a calcified covering that traps the bacteria in and eventually develops cavities. Depending on the dental insurance you have, to fill the cavity will vary, especially depending on how large the cavity has become. A rough estimate is anything between $75 and $150 per tooth and per cavity. Simultaneously, gum disease, which results in swollen, painful gums and possible other health concerns like heart disease, can be prevented with regular flossing. To treat gum disease could cost up to thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of damage.\r\n\r\n• Salivate Over This: Regular flossing is a great way to help any salivation problems. Those with what is called “dry mouth” may also suffer from increased bacteria, since saliva disinfects the mouth naturally. Dry mouth is often caused by certain medications, but dry mouth can also be caused by severe dehydration. By regularly flossing, however, the bacteria normally destroyed by saliva can be scraped off and killed.

Keep Your Teeth In: Regular flossing can also help keep teeth in the mouth. It is costly to have dentures, bridges, or fake teeth made just for you. Avoid the situation with regular flossing. With each floss, food and bacteria left in the mouth are removed. When bacteria gets left behind, eventually it turns into plaque and tarter, both with can, if left untreated, cause gingivitis. This, in turn, can cause something called periodontal disease, which affects the bone and thus causes tooth loss.

Keep Your Body Healthy: Aside from immediate tooth and mouth benefits, regular flossing can help prevent other physical issues. Gum disease is directly correlated with low birth-weight babies, stroke, and even heart disease. This has something to do with the immune system being compromised. This is especially important for anyone with diabetes, as those with the affliction have a higher risk of the disease.

The Cost of Medical Advancement

There are a lot of articles out nowadays that talk about how much prescriptions and dental implants cost and, because of that, it can get incredibly heated and hard to determine exactly how you want to move forward with the issues at hand. That being said, why do prescriptions cost so much?


The amount of time that it takes to find the medicine in the first place. There are medical tests and trials that go on for years and years because of how hard it is to get a medication that works and that is approved by the FDA. Because it takes so much time to be able to get everything to go through, it ends up costing a lot of money for those companies and whoever else may be involved in trying to put the medicine through to the market.

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The amount of money that it takes to do medical testing. There are a lot of different products that are tried when you’re dealing with a medical trial. The adjustments that need to be made can cost a lot of cash if you aren’t watching what you need to watch during the process. On top of that, it can be really stressful and you may have to pay some of those who are coming out to do your testing (it’s usually used as a reason for those people to come out and do it in the first place).

Making sure that those who are working on it are able to be taken care of. These are people who are trying to take care of their families and are working incredibly hard, so their salaries are also usually included in any assessment when it comes to looking at the overall cost. And if you’re doing a project for years, you could be paying some of those researchers a decent amount of money to do what they’re trying to do. 

There are a lot of costs that go into medical advancement, so it’s no wonder that it ends up costing so much to try and ensure that everyone is getting what they need out of it. Hopefully, as time goes on, it will become much easier for people to pay for these things because the cost will go down. There are a lot of concerns that come with this journey, but they may be resolved with some time and energy on all our parts.

Want To Know How To Get Over An Eating Disorder?

Getting over an eating disorder can be quite a challenge for anyone if he or she doesn’t know how to go about it. Especially since eating is not something which can be given up like smoking or drinking, controlling its intake can prove very difficult at times.

However with the help of someone who knows how to get over an eating disorder, anyone can get rid of this problem by following a strict eating schedule. There are a number of steps that one can take to achieve this objective. Some of them are listed below for reference.

Step 1: Eat less but more frequently…
This is a very crucial step in the treatment of your eating disorder. The trick here lies in controlling your food intake in one go, and distributing it throughout the day in small quantities. So whenever you will have an urge to eat, you will be able to satisfy your desire with food intake in smaller quantities. This way, the overall food intake can be drastically reduced over a period of time.

Step 2: Drink loads of water…
Another thing which can help you in fighting this disorder is drinking loads of water throughout the day. Taking sufficient water will not only keep your kidneys clean; it will also give you a feeling of having a full stomach as well and control your urge for eating.

Step 3: Never leave home without a good breakfast…
It is never a good idea to leave home for work without taking a proper breakfast. If you walk out of the house with an empty belly, it will keep playing in your mind until you have not taken a quick meal at the first available opportunity.

Step 4: Take proper rest…
Exhausting oneself physically or mentally can also trigger strong eating urges. That’s why it is absolutely important to take sufficient rest during work schedule to avoid getting exhausted completely.

Step 5: Determine the causes and triggers of your disorder…
By understanding the reasons that trigger the urge for eating, one can also control the occurrence of such scenarios that trigger this disorder.

Getting over an eating disorder can be tricky. However, if you follow these 5 steps properly, you can definitely get over this disorder as well by persevering with a little extra effort.

Benefits Of Spiritual Care And Mentoring

Growing closer to God and Jesus is not always a smooth process; however, that is when spiritual guidance and mentoring can be so helpful. There are several wonderful benefits of spiritual care and mentoring such as receiving affirmation and encouragement about being a Christian. It is important to note; a spiritual mentor can be someone who likes and believes in you. When you are feeling down and are not sure what steps to take next, a mentor can explain how important and valuable you are to Christ and can encourage you with prayer and words from the Bible.

In addition, spiritual care from a spiritual mentor can serve as a role model. It is not entirely what they say to you; however, it is their actions that speak the loudest. It is their desire to honor God and to make good choices which encourages the people they mentor.

Most importantly, a spiritual mentor is a person who can be honest with you and tell you when you need to refocus on God. They can also, with the help of God, keep you from continuing a life of sin and live in accordance with God’s commandments. Spiritual mentors can also offer wise counsel with some of life’s tough decisions. He or she can guide you in the right direction and keep you from making mistakes that they have made in the past.

As we all know, there are times when we need someone to listen and show support for what we are doing. A spiritual mentor knows that there are times when everyone needs someone who will listen to him or her; someone who will just listen and not pass judgment. Keep in mind; a spiritual mentor is a person who cares and wants the best for you. They also know that to live a life that is full and happy, you need to first develop a personal relationship with Christ. They will help you develop this relationship so that your faith grows and matures.

To conclude, grow closer to God and Jesus. Seek a spiritual mentor and find peace with God.

Does Stress Cause Illness?

Does stress cause illness? Many studies indicate that it can actually harm your health. Not all stress is bad. It may motivate you to study harder for an exam or meet a tight deadline at your job. However, prolonged periods of stress can have severe ramifications for your health.

When you become stressed, your heart rate and blood pressure is elevated and your body releases large doses of adrenaline. This is known as your body’s “fight or flight” response. When this happens you may feel symptoms such as palpitations, perspiration and stomach-aches. However, your body is not intended to remain in a constant “fight or flight” state. Chronic stress can trigger heart attacks, migraines and other physical ailments. You may feel fatigued, irritable and unable to concentrate on your job, family and hobbies that you once enjoyed.

People who live with chronic stress may develop bad habits such as smoking and overeating as a way to try and cope with the negative pressure and feelings. They are also more likely to suffer from depression, alcoholism or drug abuse. This is why reducing your stress levels is so important for your health and general well-being.

To combat your stress, you need to identify the source of it. Perhaps it is an overly stressful job, a toxic relationship or financial problems. If so, consider changing jobs or seeking out a financial planner to help you get your finances under control. Build positive relationships by spending more time with people who are positive influences instead of those who are negative all the time. Let your family members and friends know what you’re going through so that they can offer you the support you need.

Getting the appropriate amount of rest is also very important, so try to get at least eight hours of sleep at night and cut down on your caffeine intake. Try taking up yoga or other relaxation exercises to relieve your mind and body. In addition, make sure that you eat well, since too much junk food will only compound the problem. Finally, get professional help if you need it by speaking to a therapist or psychologist.

Why You Need Nutritional Education

Health and wellness are not down to a fancy diet and complicated training sessions. A popular aphorism states that “you are what you eat”. Get a proper nutritional education and you will live a long and healthy life. Below are some ways a sensible diet will help you enjoy good health all the days of your life.

Do not eat too much
First off, you need to understand that food is fuel. You need food to meet your energy needs. You also need food to meet your nutritional needs. It follows that you should not eat much more food than your body needs. If you have a habit of over-eating, the excess food will be stored as fat and you begin to put on weight.

Eat the right foods
You can enjoy good health by just eating the foods that are good for you. Your diet must contain the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. For your protein needs, the best sources of this nutrient are chicken, fish and lean meats. You can meet your carbohydrate needs if you eat healthy grains like rice and whole wheat. Do not forget to feast on fruits and vegetables. These foods contain vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Safe fats and oil
Many people believe that fats and oil are all poisons but this is not always true. You can get your fats and oil from safe and healthy sources. The best sources of healthy fats and oil are olive oil and canola oil. Other sources are avocados, coconuts and peanuts. These foods are completely natural so you are not taking any risk if you include them in your diet.

Foods to avoid
If you want to be strong and healthy, you should avoid processed foods. In fact, most things in a can or in a bottle are bad for you. Avoid canned foods because these foods contain preservatives and these chemicals are bad for you. If you can help it, cut out soft drinks entirely and take alcoholic drinks only occasionally. You can drink red wine sometimes because it is good for you but you should not over-indulge in it.

Exercise regularly
You should incorporate regular exercise into your routine. Moderate exercise three times a week is great for you. Just exercise for 30-45 minutes each time and you will notice great changes in your life. Regular exercise keeps you physically fit, improves muscle tone and combats aging. Exercise also improves skeletal health, improves lung function and fights diseases.

Final word
You can enjoy good health for life if you eat well and exercise regularly. All you need is the right nutritional education to start the journey and discipline to stay on the right course. Once you have these things, you will live a long and productive life.

How To Find The Best Rehab For You

Millions of people enter alcohol or drug rehabs every year. If you are thinking of going into rehab to stop drinking or using drugs, there is a wide variety of programs and centers to choose from. So how to find the best rehab for you?

Questions To Ask About Rehab

There are many different types of rehabilitation methods and the costs of rehab vary a lot. It is important to ask yourself what you expect from your rehabilitation. Different centers and facilities use different types of programs and methods. Some have short programs that you can also attend while living at home, and some centers require a long stay in the facility.
A typical program for drug rehabilitation lasts 28 days. This can be enough for some people, but many people with a long-term addiction may require a longer program. It is also important to get continued support after the stay in the rehab facility so that you do not relapse. Many people go into rehab several times before they become completely sober. Some programs promise instant cures from addiction and claim to treat addiction in a few days, but alcohol and drug addiction is a complex condition that affects the person mentally and physically. Most people require long-term support to become sober.

What Methods Are Used in Rehab

Some facilities and programs offer prescription drugs such as methadone to treat heroin addiction or addiction to prescription painkillers. Substances such as methadone are used to reduce the harm that is caused by taking illegal drugs. Methadone and other substitutes can also cause dependency and addiction and it is important to keep this in mind. Other prescription drugs, such as benzodiazepines, are also often used in treatment to relieve the symptoms of heroin or alcohol withdrawal. Some facilities rely on these prescription drugs more than others, and some programs prefer to use holistic methods such as exercise and nutrition supplements.
Different programs have different ways to deal with withdrawal symptoms and drug or alcohol cravings. These include medications, counseling, support groups, and therapies. Some programs use detoxification, nutrition, and other alternative or complementary methods. Many people who suffer from addiction are often very unhealthy and can have nutritional deficiencies. Many centers also use complementary therapies, such as yoga or meditation, to support recovery.
It is also important that the program prepares you for life after rehab so that it is less likely that you are tempted to use alcohol and drugs again. There should be continued support after the rehab is over so that it is easier to stay sober. Many people who suffer from addiction relapse once or several times, and have to go to rehab more than once. Some rehab centers have effective programs to deal with relapses and to prevent them.

Sober Living For You

Sober living may be a huge change for you, but not an impossible task. Keys to making this change will be your commitment to creating a spiritual, physical and emotional metamorphosis. Seeking outside help through Alcoholics Anonymous, therapy or a Rehabilitation Facility can assist you in structuring a routine for the changes that await you.

Sober Living arrangements can help with your recovery. Treatment Centers offer structured inpatient setting to help you through the beginning stages of recovery or if you have suffered a relapse. They can offer medical detox if necessary to aid with the initial shock your body can go through. Most treatment centers also offer outpatient treatment and counseling, family support groups, as well as medical and legal assistance programs.

Halfway houses are another way to utilize structured Sober Living. There are usually programs to assist you getting back on your feet can that include group and individual counseling sessions, job and training services, and overall life skill education. Structured living arrangements will provide you with a daily program to help you with your physical change goals.

One of the significant messages to a new sober self is that your thinking got you here. With that message in mind, opening up to different thinking in the spiritual realm can be helpful. Finding a support group that can assist you in your quest for a new spiritual self can help with the road for you. Not all people are meant for structured religion, which does not mean they cannot attain spiritual change. Many people find their spiritual change through nature, others through prayer and meditation. Using counseling, therapists, support groups to help guide you through your journey can help you understand what spirituality can do to help with your sobriety.

A physical change can be manifested in many ways. Some of the change may be as simple as waking up without a headache; this may sound simple but significant. Working off some of the anxiety and energy you may experience in beginning sobriety is important. Walking around the block also may sound simple, but when is the last time you did this? Joining a gym always sounds like a good idea, but perhaps starting little with a walk might bring you better success. Keeping small goals in mind like waking up, getting a shower, taking a walk, and connecting with another sober person daily can help in your early recovery. If you are not in a structured living situation, keeping it simple so you can achieve small goals is very important.

Emotional recovery takes time. Being able to have healthy relationships with yourself and others is a big part of that recovery. You may not think this will ever happen, but if you are questioning if this will ever happen, you are already beginning your emotional recovery

Five Ways To Become More Health Conscious

Everyone loves being healthy; however, there are some who are not sure what steps to take to stay healthy. There are 5 ways to become more health conscious such as practicing good hygiene. Washing hands, research shows, is one of the best ways to avoid getting sick and spreading illness. One of the quickest ways to catch a cold is to rub your eyes or nose with hands that have been contaminated by germs. Doorknobs and handles are two big sources of germs. However, by washing your hands regularly, you can prevent serious health concerns such as diarrhea and pneumonia.

Another way to stay well is to use a safe water supply. If you drink water that comes when water becomes contaminated after a flood or storm, it can cause cholera, hepatitis and other infections. When storing water, it should always be stored in clean, covered containers. Being careful what you eat is another way to stay healthy. Good nutrition is necessary for good health and that means consuming a healthy balanced diet. Portion sizes should be medium and fruits and vegetables should be in your daily diet, as well as lean meat, poultry and fish. It is also important to limit the amount of salt you put on food because sodium can raise your blood pressure.

Of course, we all know how important exercise is to our health but exercising regularly can also help you sleep better, stay mobile, lower your risk of suffering from depression, lower your risk of heart disease and diabetes, lower your cholesterol and prevent a stroke. Depending on your age and health, will determine the kind of physical activity you need to stay healthy. It is recommended to talk with your doctor first before engaging in any physical exercise. Most doctors agree that to maintain good health, some kind of moderate exercise should be done each day for at least 15-20 minutes.

No wellness program would be complete without adequate sleep. Each person has different sleep needs; however, it is recommended to sleep at least six to seven hours for optimum health. Sleep is important for good heart health, to maintain the right balance of hormones that affect weight and metabolism, prevent disease and prevent depression and accidents. To ensure good sleep, keep your bedroom dark, quiet and cool, stop watching TV or working on electronics at least several hours before going to bed, avoid heavy meals and make your bed as comfortable as possible, with clean sheets and comfortable pillows.

To conclude, everyone loves being healthy; however, there are some who are unsure about what steps to take to stay healthy. Follow the above tips, talk to your doctor and enjoy good health!