spiritual care

Benefits Of Spiritual Care And Mentoring

Growing closer to God and Jesus is not always a smooth process; however, that is when spiritual guidance and mentoring can be so helpful. There are several wonderful benefits of spiritual care and mentoring such as receiving affirmation and encouragement about being a Christian. It is important to note; a spiritual mentor can be someone who likes and believes in you. When you are feeling down and are not sure what steps to take next, a mentor can explain how important and valuable you are to Christ and can encourage you with prayer and words from the Bible.

In addition, spiritual care from a spiritual mentor can serve as a role model. It is not entirely what they say to you; however, it is their actions that speak the loudest. It is their desire to honor God and to make good choices which encourages the people they mentor.

Most importantly, a spiritual mentor is a person who can be honest with you and tell you when you need to refocus on God. They can also, with the help of God, keep you from continuing a life of sin and live in accordance with God’s commandments. Spiritual mentors can also offer wise counsel with some of life’s tough decisions. He or she can guide you in the right direction and keep you from making mistakes that they have made in the past.

As we all know, there are times when we need someone to listen and show support for what we are doing. A spiritual mentor knows that there are times when everyone needs someone who will listen to him or her; someone who will just listen and not pass judgment. Keep in mind; a spiritual mentor is a person who cares and wants the best for you. They also know that to live a life that is full and happy, you need to first develop a personal relationship with Christ. They will help you develop this relationship so that your faith grows and matures.

To conclude, grow closer to God and Jesus. Seek a spiritual mentor and find peace with God.