Research - Stress & Chronic Disease Studies

Are you looking for help with your stress symptoms?

The Yale Stress Center offers free treatment to reduce stress symptoms, improve mental and physical function and in making adaptive lifestyle choices. Eligible research participants are those between the ages of 18-65. You will also be paid for research participation.

At the Yale Stress Center we are developing new prevention and treatment strategies to decrease the harmful impact of stress on physical and mental health, and increase our ability to regulate stress and have better self-control over emotions, cognition and behavior.

There is evidence to show that stress and adversity promotes negative thinking, anxiety, bad habits and other poor lifestyle choices by disrupting brain function related to self-control, decision making, healthy desire and mood. Chronic stress and adversity can also disrupt normal cardiac, metabolic and immune function thereby increasing the risk of hypertension, heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, infections and some types of cancers.

Stress increases the risk of a number of mental and physical conditions, which in turn increases the risk of chronic disease. Improving physical and mental health functioning under stress can decrease the risk of developing chronic diseases.

Contact us to learn more about our treatment studies @ 1-888-Y-STRESS (1-888-978-7377)