Why Flossing will Save You Money

Healthy Gums Means Fatter Wallets\r\n\r\nIs it shocking that the American Dental Association claims that only 50% of American floss regularly? Possibly not, especially if you are one of the non-flossing culprits. Again, mom and grandma were probably right about nightly flossing, despite how much you hate it. However, take a new approach to the world’s least favorite regular dental practice: consider it a financial investment. Dental offices Winnipeg explains why:

Get Ride of Green to Save Some Green: Keeping bacteria from setting up camp in between teeth and in gums is an important step in preventing tartar build up. Tartar is a calcified covering that traps the bacteria in and eventually develops cavities. Depending on the dental insurance you have, to fill the cavity will vary, especially depending on how large the cavity has become. A rough estimate is anything between $75 and $150 per tooth and per cavity. Simultaneously, gum disease, which results in swollen, painful gums and possible other health concerns like heart disease, can be prevented with regular flossing. To treat gum disease could cost up to thousands of dollars, depending on the extent of damage.\r\n\r\n• Salivate Over This: Regular flossing is a great way to help any salivation problems. Those with what is called “dry mouth” may also suffer from increased bacteria, since saliva disinfects the mouth naturally. Dry mouth is often caused by certain medications, but dry mouth can also be caused by severe dehydration. By regularly flossing, however, the bacteria normally destroyed by saliva can be scraped off and killed.

Keep Your Teeth In: Regular flossing can also help keep teeth in the mouth. It is costly to have dentures, bridges, or fake teeth made just for you. Avoid the situation with regular flossing. With each floss, food and bacteria left in the mouth are removed. When bacteria gets left behind, eventually it turns into plaque and tarter, both with can, if left untreated, cause gingivitis. This, in turn, can cause something called periodontal disease, which affects the bone and thus causes tooth loss.

Keep Your Body Healthy: Aside from immediate tooth and mouth benefits, regular flossing can help prevent other physical issues. Gum disease is directly correlated with low birth-weight babies, stroke, and even heart disease. This has something to do with the immune system being compromised. This is especially important for anyone with diabetes, as those with the affliction have a higher risk of the disease.