Clinical Services - Yoga

Yoga refers to a broad spectrum of physical postures and movement sequences. When done mindfully and in harmony with the natural breath, these postures support optimal health of mind and body. Among the physical benefits are flexibility, enhanced skeletal alignment, muscle strength, coordination and balance as well as measurable improvements in health markers such as cardiovascular risk factors, metabolic risk factors and inflammation. Mentally yoga promotes relaxation, a sense of flow, spaciousness and presence.

Under the guidance of a skilled and experienced teacher, the practice of yoga is a safe and effective way to meet many challenges. Whether your challenge is a busy schedule, a sore back or a chronic disease, the Yale Stress Center offers a yoga program to suit your needs.

Therapeutic Yoga for Chronic Pain Conditions
This is a special 6-week yoga program focusing on common chronic conditions such as back pain, shoulder pain, sciatica and knee pain. Master teacher Anne Dutton will show you how to heal and strengthen your body through proper alignment and action.

Wednesdays 7:00 – 8:30 AM January 16 – February 20. Free introductory class January 9. To register, please call 203-737-3398.

Gentle Yoga:
Those new to yoga will want to start with a Gentle class that emphasizes working within a pain-free range of motion and learning about foundational principles of alignment.

Mixed-Level Yoga:
These classes are suitable for those with previous yoga experience or a higher baseline level of fitness.

Individual Sessions:
Private sessions are a way for busy professionals to prioritize their own health at a time that fits best with their schedule. They are also the best way to work therapeutically with specific injuries and chronic conditions.

Restorative Yoga:
This is the most relaxing and, in some ways, the most transformative practice. Done mostly lying down and using a variety of props to support the body, a restorative practice rejuvenates, refreshes and restores balance through deep relaxation. Restorative yoga can be done in a class or as an individual session.